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Deploying/Sending Your Mobile App to Customers

Deploying/Sending Your Mobile App to Customers

Counts App – Deployment

Click the link above for printable directions w/screenshots


  1. The “Mobile App” Resource Page can be
    found by click on the direct link above, or
    by navigating to your Agent Apps
  2. Click on the Mobile App link in the quick
    launch area
  3. Search for your name in the Search Box
  4. Once you find your name, click the
    “Download URL” for your app
    This will take you to your “App Deployment Page”
    Input a phone number or email address to send your app to (Example: 8507087835 or
  5. Click “Send the App” button
    You will get a notification that the link successfully sent

Tell your customer to click the link in the text message or email they received, and this will take them to their App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app ??!



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