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Mission Statement

Counts Real Estate Group, Inc is dedicated towards protecting our customer and agent data. This product is designed to assist with real-time protection against virus, ransomware, and malware activity. Counts Real Estate Group, Inc would like to require each of it’s agents to download and install this product to help keep our digital environment as safe as possible for our customers as well as ourselves.

Licensing Restrictions

Each agent is alloted ONE license for this product to install on their main work machine that performs business operations such as Dotloop, Email, and all other Real Estate transactions. This license is paid by Counts Real Estate Group, Inc. If you require additional licenses, please send an email to

**During installation, just accept all defaults and click Next and Finish when prompted on every window. All settings are already done for you. You will not have to put in a server name or user and password information!



WINDOWS                                                                       MAC