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Mac Users: Call IT or email us to have us set it up for you.

Windows users: Please click on your office location

30a – HWY 77 – Thomas Drive – West End

After downloading the .zip file attached above, you’ll need to “unzip it”. Open your downloads folder, and right click the .zip file to choose “unzip”. Be certain to remember where you unzip to as this will be relevant in the following steps.

Next, open your start menu (bottom left), and start typing “add a printer or scanner” and choose the best match.

In your now open settings, click “add a printer or scanner” at the top of your now open settings. It should scan for some local printers, none of which are what you want. below these options should be an option to “the printer that I want isn’t listed”.

“Add a printer using a TCG/IP address or hostname”. The IP address of office printers for each office are listed below.

30a –

HWY 77-

Thomas Drive-

West End-