Compare Listings

  1. Provisional/ MLS Private Report
  2. Exclusive Right of Sale
  3. Sellers Disclosure or
    1.  Condominium Disclosure
    2. Vacant Land Disc.
  4. Closing Cost Estimate
  5. Lead Base Paint Warning Statement
    -only prior to 1978
  6.  Association Documents
    1. Home Owners Association OR
      1. Condo Association
      2. Receipt of Condo Docs
      3. Condo Governance Form
  7. Homeowners/ Flood Insurance
  8. Drawing of Building with Measurements Confirmed
  9. Addenda as Required for Property
  10. Home Warranty
  11. Tax Record
  12. Sinkhole Disclosure-Residential Vacant Land
  13. South Oaks Title Disclosure (if applicable)
  14. Wire Fraud
  1. Pending Data Sheet
  2. MLS Sheet – Private Report
  3. Residential Sale and Purchase w/Clauses
    1. Contract or “As-Is” OR
    2. Vacant Land Contract
  4. Seller’s Disclosure or
    1. Condominium Disclosure
    2. Vacant Land Disclosure
  5. Closing Cost Estimate
  6. Lead Base Paint Warning Statement (Prior to 1978)
  7. Home Owners Association
  8. Condo Association
    1. Receipt of Condo Docs
    2. Condo Governance Form
  9. Copy (Proof) of Escrow Deposit to the Title Company
    1. Wire Fraud
    2. South Oak Title (If Applicable)
  10. Home Warranty
  11. VA Addendum (VA Contract)
  12. FHA Addenedum
  13. Short Sale Addendum

Forms listed above are required for all transactions of the corresponding types. If you are selling a home, then you will not need the condo driven type of documents, and vice versa. 

For addition information on required forms, please contact your office administrator or Keith Hodges.

For FULL CONTRACT TRAINING, Please Contact Keith Hodges.